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Eligibility requirements for premium credits earned through educational courses:

  • Participant must have his/her own CMIC policy
  • All webinars must be completed 60 days prior to policy renewal in order to apply to the upcoming renewal
  • Webinars cannot be repeated for premium credit

Loss Prevention Services

The CMIC Group's corporate vision is to provide individualized protection and support in a complex healthcare environment. The CMIC Group Loss Prevention team is your primary source for best practices and operational standards in the healthcare community. Collectively bringing more than half a century of education and experience to the program, the CMIC Group Loss Prevention team provides patient safety initiatives, risk management support and meaningful education opportunities to doctors and hospitals.

CMIC Group Loss Prevention services are provided at no cost to our policyholders.

Loss Prevention - Assessments

An assessment of your organization is an important step to identifying potential gaps in patient safety and efficient workflow. CMIC Group will perform Risk Assessments in both private practices and hospital facilities. Self Assessment documents are also available for CMIC Group-insured providers.

Loss Prevention - Resources and Templates

Increasing complexity of the medical practice, rapid changes in healthcare and shortage of time and resources are serious challenges faced by healthcare professionals. CMIC Group has created resources to aid doctors and practice administrators in the daily management of medical practices and patient relationships. As a CMIC Group member you can log in to our resource area to view these resources.  In addition, loss prevention specialists are readily available to answer your questions via phone or email.

  • Against Medical Advice Discharge Policy
  • Agreement to Comply with Practice Expectations
  • APRN Collaborative Agreement
  • Business Associate Agreement Template
  • Consent for Treating Minors
  • Consent Form - Off Label Use of FDA Approved Drug
  • Consent to Leave Phone Messages/Release of Information
  • Consent to Online Communication
  • Controlled Substance Agreement and Informed Consent Form Template
  • Diagnostic Testing, Referral and Procedure Tracking Log
  • Disclosure and Apology Policy
  • Dispensing Form
  • Financial Policy Template
  • HIPAA Authorization Form
  • HIPAA Medical Record Release Template
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Policy Incident Report
  • Hospital Policy - Investigation of Medical Technology Related Events
  • Informed Consent Policy
  • Language Access Plan and Protocol Template
  • Medication Sample Tracking Log
  • Medication Self Administration Evaluation Form
  • Missed Appointment Communication Template
  • Newspaper Ad when Discontinuing your Medical Practice
  • No-Show Policy and Correspondence Template
  • Notice of Privacy Practices Template
  • Notice to Patients when Discontinuing your Medical Practice
  • Opioid Resources
  • PA Collaborative Agreement
  • Parental Authorization Form
  • Patient Complaints Policy
  • Patient Survey
  • Pre-Operative Medication Instructions
  • Refusal of Recommended Medical or Surgical Treatment
  • Sleep Safety for Infants and Toddlers Policy
  • Telemedicine Consent Form
  • Terminating the Physician-Patient Relationship


If you have questions about our loss prevention services, please contact our Director of Loss Prevention using the contact information below:

Email - Denise Condron

Phone - 860.781.8456



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