Resolution of a Claim

Claims Resolution Process:

After initial intake of a reported claim and confirmation of coverage, the Claim Representatives meet with policyholders and defense counsel to begin the investigation of the claim. Leading medical experts are consulted to provide guidance on standard of care and causation issues, and the claimant's alleged damages are fully scrutinized. After the investigation is complete, a panel of leading physicians conducts a case review to provide the claim staff with advice on medical issues.

Every claim is vigorously defended; claims with merit are fully investigated and fairly resolved; claims lacking merit are defended through trial. At each step in the process, the CMIC | Group claim staff works side-by-side with the policyholder to provide support and the most current information available regarding the claim.

Selection of Defense Counsel

The Claim Staff has long ties with the most highly-regarded and experienced medical malpractice defense counsel. The CMIC | Group also understands the importance of the relationship between our policyholders and defense counsel and, therefore, honors request from policyholders to be defended by a specific qualified counsel. The Claim staff maintains a pro-active, collaborative relationship with defense counsel during the entire litigation process to ensure that our policyholders are fully informed of developments in each case.


If you have any claims related questions, please contact the claims representative designated to your account or our Loss Coordinator using the contact information below:

Email - Sandra Snaden

Phone - 800.228.0287 x236

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