Reporting a Claim

When to Report a Claim

It is important that you notify the Claims Department whenever you become aware of an incident which you believe might reasonably lead to a claim against you, your group or your organization. Examples of reportable events are:

  • Receipt of notice of a claim alleging medical malpractice, or one that may involve your general liability policy issued by CMIC.
  • An adverse event during the treatment of a patient, or an encounter with a patient or family member where they express displeasure with the treatment provided.
  • Receipt of a request for records or a subpoena.
  • Receipt of a Lawsuit (Summons and Complaint - including Small Claims actions) naming you, your group or your organization as a Defendant.

How to Report a Claim

CMIC is committed to an efficient, organized process when reporting a claim.  If you know the claims representative designated to your account you can call them directly or you can contact Joanne Sommers, Claims Administrator, at 800.228.0287 ext. 284. 

Please provide:

  • Your policy number and policy type (i.e. Physicians & Surgeons, Professional Entity, etc.) 
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Description of the incident


If you have any claims related questions, please contact the claims representative designated to your account or our Loss Coordinator using the contact information below:

Email - Joanne Sommers

Claims Administrator

Phone - 860.781.8484